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The best resource on how to romance! 88% of couples reported to be happier with their relationship, to feel more satisfied with their partner, and to feel a deeper level of connection after using Lovendar.
Data as of 2011. Based on those who use Lovendar and responded to this survey.

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    You'll always feel comfortable managing the story of love on Lovendar

    • Keep your relationship details private and secure
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    When you Join Lovendar you can keep track of all your most romantic moments - including anniversaries, gifts, memories, love letters, photos and videos that are just a bit too private for Facebook.

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    Get Custom Romance Ideas

    Invite Your Partner

    You have the complete control of how you share your profile information with your partner.

    That said, the more you share, the more recommendations Lovendar will be able to identify for your partner and help you get to know each other on a deeper level.

    TOP: Refer to your partner's profile to plan a special occasion, while keeping the element of surprise.

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    Why Fall Out of Love?

    Get Custom Romance Ideas From Day 1

    The moment you login, the Romance planner will instantly generate and provide you with free:

    • Romantic Recommendations
    • Date Ideas
    • Relationship Advice custom to your profile

    You will find a dynamic dashboard of partners & service providers ready to help you plan anything romantic on the spot - right from your account.

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    Woo Each Other with Activities and Gift

    Why Fall Out of Love?

    Romance Planner keeps love strong and proposes new ideas, most of which take fewer than 5 minutes to act on and produce the lasting effect on your relationship. We have over 3500 ideas waiting for you!

    • Click "Skip" until you find the act you can do today
    • Click "I'm on it!" to commit, rate the event and make notes
    • Click "Flag" to tell Lovendar there is something wrong with the idea

    It's the loving little things, done daily, that keep love strong. Lovendar Romance Planner reminds you about them the same way your regular calendar reminds you about much less importnat things.

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    Create & Share your Journal

    Woo Each Other with Activities and Gift

    Engage with the romancing & wooing you did in the beginning - from trying new things to giving gifts to one another. For example: if Lovendar reminds you to send a loving text message, it will suggest exactly what to say to make a lasting impact.

    All reminders and ideas are seasonal and gender specific!

    Most importantly, Lovendar has partnered with Amazon to make it easy for you to find gifts for your partner. For example: if Lovendar reminds you about partner's pet's birthday, it will give you the ideas of what to gift, where to go and what to cook to make it extra special for the three of you.

    Remember: If romance brought you together, romance can keep you together.

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    Share Your Memories with Gallery

    Create & Share your Journal

    Where do you keep the love letters, poems or emails or sms messages you want to read over and over? How about a trip you wished you could re-enact in detail for your fifth anniversary?

    Use the Lovendar Journal to enhance your relationship. This is THE place to keep track of your trips, share romantic moments, get inspired with your anniversary stories, or privately post your confessions and more.

  • Share Your Memories with Gallery

    Keep the good stuff in site! Some pictures might be a bit too private for Facebook. Where do you keep them? How about theater tickets of the first movie you went to together, or airline tickets of your first trip together. Are they lost inside multiple drawers or boxes?

    Anything of a sentimental value (that you can take a picture of) can be security shared and organized on Lovendar.

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The Lovendar App for iPhone

Ideal for new couples, long-term relationships and marriages -
regardless of sexual orientation.

The Lovendar Box:
Return the element of surprise to your love life, with monthly themed packages designed to engage and connect you.

Now you can get the tools you need to spark a little romance every month. The Lovendar Box is delivered to you in a discrete package, and it's filled with games, activities, products and more - all in keeping with the theme of the month.

Every Lovendar Box starts with one aphrodisiac, to which we add:

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    Communication starters

    Each box contains 1 to 2 key and fun techniques to practice effective communication with your partner.

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    Intimacy Enhancers

    Carefully selected products will have you & your partner exploring the sensual side of romance.

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    Romance Stimulators

    Delightful, Romantic items will set a romantic mood and stimulate your imagination.

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    Experience Builders

    Each box comes with playful, interactive activities or digital content for creating memorable, romantic experience together.

The Sample Lovendar Box (actual items vary monthly)
The Sample Lovendar Box (actual items vary monthly)

Why Couples Love the Lovendar Box

Couples Who Play Together Stay Together
The Lovendar Box boosts relationship and better understanding each other. Me and my wife were enjoying using these playful things. With no doubt, it helps to reveal something new in your partner." - Carl*
Sparking Communication
"The benefit is really outside of the box for us. It made us closer, and it's worth the price." - Corrine

*All names changed to preserve anonymity
Reconnect with the Lovendar Box
A great way to connect with my husband. I like the games and the questions. - Desiree
A Love Building Surprise Every Month
"I like receiving the box and opening up each individual organza bag. The cards that covered each topic were fun and interesting. Having such a great experience with the first box makes me curious to buy the second one." - Shelby
The Ideal Investment for "Two of Us"
"It was a really fun activity to plan for and set aside time for just the two of us. It gave us an excuse to block off couple hours with no distractions. I think Lovendar's execution was spot on.
Honestly, I was really impressed with the attention to detail and how much work it was put into the box. It definitely feels like a luxury product. I would recommend it... because of the high level of detail and since it's NOT a "porn box". - Jameson

Lovendar is designed in Chicago by a wife and a mother who believes in keeping the fire burning.